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Estate Planning And Probate Help In South Texas

Since estate planning is the documented preparation for your family’s future — and probate is ideally the smooth execution of that planning — a solidly written, forward-looking estate plan that explicitly states your wishes can be your final gift to relatives and friends.

An experienced estate planning attorney can explain the specifics of this legal process. Amy Rose Oliver can guide you to just the right combination of will, revocable or irrevocable trust, power of attorney and advance health care directive that suits your situation.

Bringing A Wealth Of Experience To Your Situation

Amy Rose Oliver has been an informative inspiration to individuals, couples and family clients in Texas for almost 30 years. She brings a wealth of expertise to your issues and proactively anticipates any pitfalls for your loved ones during the probate process. Additionally, she can advise on asset protection strategies and dispense taxation advice for clients of significant means.

You can expect to receive an estate plan that spells out precise instructions on the distribution of assets and property to beneficiaries after your passing. You will also have the peace of mind that relatives and friends will not be inconvenienced by a stressful, expensive, time-consuming probate proceeding — which often occurs when a will does not exist. Amy Rose Oliver is careful to coordinate efforts with trustees and executors during estate administration, in pursuit of the outcome you envisioned.

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Whether the estate plan you have in mind is your first or you’re seeking to refresh an existing plan, we invite you to discuss your goals with Ms. Oliver in an initial consultation. Call our lawyer today at 281-408-2938 or stay online to send an email message.