Experienced · Responsive · Respectful

Experienced · Responsive · Respectful

An Experienced Attorney Focused On Client Needs

Attorney Amy Rose Oliver has built a reputation for providing high-quality, cost-effective service with an emphasis on responsiveness and strong client relationships. When business owners and family clients throughout Texas seek legal guidance from her, they know they’re working with one of their own – a longtime Texas resident and a skilled lawyer with 35 years of experience.

Attorney Oliver can confidently represent you in estate planning, probate proceedings, transactional law and a broad range of real estate concerns.

A Second Generation Lawyer Who Fell In Love With Texas

Ms. Oliver’s father was a lawyer who pushed his daughter into the field of law – eventually. She first followed her passion and graduated from Binghamton University in New York with a degree in theater arts. As a career choice, theater arts turned out to be less profitable than she had hoped, so she decided to go to paralegal school. Upon graduation, she followed a lead on a job in Texas and immediately fell in love with the state.

While Texas was everything Ms. Oliver dreamed of, her job as a paralegal was not. She soon realized that she was doing a lot of the hard work and not getting fairly compensated for it. She also learned that she isn’t fond of working for somebody else and living by their rules, so she decided to go to law school and eventually started her own practice. After more than 30 years, it’s clear she made the right decisions.

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Are you the owner of a corporation with contract problems or a young married couple looking to get a head start on your estate planning? Have obstacles arisen during the administration of a loved one’s estate? Is the sale or purchase of a residential or commercial property your next life goal? Turn to Ms. Oliver for legal assistance today by calling 281-408-2938 or filling out the online contact form.