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Wills And Trusts: The Tools You Need In Your Estate Plan

Having the right documents prepared for your estate is essential to ensuring the security of your family should you pass away. It is a simple process when you work with an experienced estate planning attorney, but many people put it off because they are uncomfortable with talking about their future passing. This can leave your family in a bad situation because if you do not have a properly planned estate, your assets will be passed down through intestacy rules according to the government’s priorities, not yours. Having a will and trust in place can prevent this.

When you choose to work with Amy Rose Oliver Attorney at Law in League City, you can avoid intestacy by having attorney Oliver draft a thoughtful will and other estate planning documents for you. She has been helping Texas clients throughout her entire career with their estate plans, and you can have peace of mind knowing that with her knowledge and experience, she will fully protect your interests and your family.

The Benefits Of An Attorney-Drafted Will And Trust

While estate planning services are widely available online, and while these seem like simple documents to complete, there are many reasons why it is safer to choose an attorney-drafted will or trust. First, a lawyer will prepare your documents so they are tailored to you and your situation, taking into account the unique specifics of your situation and incorporating specific language to address your priorities. A premade or template document for a will or trust will not have language like this; instead, it will be written as broadly as possible to be generally applicable.

Second, there is more to the process than just writing the document. While anyone can sign a will or trust, there are other essential steps that must be taken for it to be enforceable. A formal will needs to be witnessed by at least two people in order to be valid; otherwise, it must be entirely handwritten and signed by you. A template will does not satisfy this requirement as handwritten, and if you are writing your will yourself, you run the risk of making serious mistakes. Trusts can be even more difficult to establish yourself, as there are complex legal requirements that must be maintained to ensure that the trust is valid.

Finally, having an attorney draft your will and trust creates a relationship with your attorney that will last beyond the initial transaction. After your documents are complete, your attorney will keep a copy of them and ensure that they remain current, working with you when significant life events require you to update them. With a template document, you are solely responsible for updating these documents and revising them to your new situation. Instead of trying to do this yourself, you should let Ms. Oliver handle these tasks for you so that you can rest assured that everything is legally sound.

Let Ms. Oliver Help You With Your Documents

When you are looking for help to protect your family in the future, one of the best things that you can do is hire a lawyer to help you draft a will or an estate. Come and speak with Ms. Oliver today at CALL or send her an email online with a brief description of your needs.