Important Documents

Dear Clients and Friends and others I have not yet met:
The attached Advance Directive is a Texas Statutory Form – you may sign it before two witnesses or a notary – a copy is as good as an original.
The two witnesses may not be your legal heirs or beneficiaries named in your will.
Here is a statutory form for Medical Power of Attorney. It may be signed before a notary or two witnesses. A copy is as good as an original.
Please ask if you have a question. My cell is 281-408-2938.
Attached is a Texas statutory form durable Power of Attorney – for Business. This form must be signed before a notary public. A copy is as good as an original. You may find that you need such a power of attorney, but I suggest you very carefully consider its use and consult an attorney if you have any question about the use of this form to give such power to your agent. This power of attorney may be revoked if proper notice is provided. I am providing a copy of this form as a courtesy. I am providing no legal advice concerning its use. I strongly urge you to consult an attorney before you give your durable power of attorney to another person.